Category: Alternative Health

Fidelis Senior Home Care

Our customized Wellness Program provides a plan for reaching optimal wellness for your loved one. We concentrate on 5 key factors; mental health, nutrition, emotional/social, nurse assessment and safety. Our staff has been trained to execute our comprehensive plan of care so that most favorable results can be achieved. Fidelis Senior Home Care believes that the keys to wellness are in all activities of daily living and best results are reached when they are utilized. In addition to our program, we have a registered nurse on staff qualified to perform the necessary assessments and qualified to make any necessary alterations to their customized plan. The focus of our wellness program is to provide the client with extraordinary care in all these areas to help them thrive and enhance their quality of life.

Hope 4 Natural Health

Looking for natural solutions to meet your health needs? Talk to a Holistic Health Coach! Share your health goals and get recommendations. Whether you are you looking for better sleep, more energy, or less discomfort, Beth McCoy has suggestions. All product recommendations come with a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee! What have you got to lose? Book you no obligation consultation today.