The DFW Veterans Chamber has Partnered with BusinessPowerTools to Provide Some Extraordinary Business Development Resources and Tools for Our Members to Turbocharge their Business Growth.


We believe in our military men, women and patriot supporters and we are dedicated to supporting them now as we all contribute to the betterment of our community
with a positive impact for a better world.

To Leverage Your Military Experience
to Build a Successful Business…
You’d Want Tools & Training, Wouldn’t You?

Burke Franklin veteran

Burke Franklin, Creator & CEO

Free business strategic plan software template

Create Your Company Consciously™

Navigate All the Stages of Business Growth and Build Structure and Systems Supporting Your Future

Here’s Your Private Library Full
of Highly-Evolved Documents, Financial Calculators, Videos, Tutorials…

Taking the Friction Out of Everyday Challenges Distracting You From Other Priorities.

On-Demand Access to Any of 1, 2, Or All 3 Toolsets…

Choose the Business-Building Toolset You Need Now… Add More as You Grow

Before You Start

free veteran business  financing class

Bootstrap Your Business

  • How to Get Started With
    No Money
  • Ideas for Building Your Business Before You Engage Investors
    (If You Even Have To)
  • How to Wield Your Business Plan to Get What You Need
  • Real-World Lessons…
  • FREE Video For Now
  • January 19 NOON CT
  • Join Us for this 2 Hour Workshop $50)
Community Liaisons

How Much is Enough?

Some people think they need a lot of money to buy, do and have all the things they want in life…

How much money do you really need?

This is your personal wish list.

How much work do you really need to do?

Use this fun and handy Excel worksheet to find out for yourself!  


free veteran values practices statement guide training tutorial

If You're Raising Capital

If you’re writing a business plan and pursuing investors, here are some vital concepts you must appreciate to make the best deal.

You must empathize with investors and…

Understand their  business, speak their language, and seek to build a great business and make them win. FREE Download

How Much Capital...

Do You Need to Start /
Grow Your Company?

Here’s your “shopping list” for everything you need next to build your business.

To answer this question, we created this handy Excel®-based calculator.

It’s a crucial page out of our “Visionary Funding Model” — an extraordinary financial model, evolved and simplified over 30 years.


Planning Your Business and Strategy

free veteran business plan builder software template

Create Your Business Plan

  • Your Comprehensive “Brochure” for Championing Your Concept to Partners, Investors, Even Vendors.
  • Update Your Business Plan
  • Create a New Business Plan
  • Develop a Detailed Roadmap Leading Your Team to Your Goal
  • Join Our Next Cohort of Business Builders
  • BizPlanBuilder® Makes it Easy
free veteran business financial model

Financial Model

  • Make Financial Sense of Your Ideas and Tell Your Story With Numbers
  • Automatically Calculates Costs, Revenue, Profit, Cashflow, Valuation…
  • Produce an Investment-Grade Financial Model for Investors & Lenders
  • Play What If…?
  • No Need to Be a Financial or Spreadsheet Expert
free veteran business software

Business Formation

  • Learn the Ins & Outs of Starting Your Business
  • Plan Successful Strategies to Succeed!
  • Learn which business formats best suits your business
  • Setting up the right paperwork to protect your business


free strategic plan software template

Strategic Planning

  • Already in Business?
  • Plan Your Strategy to Succeed
  • What Worked?
  • New Goals…
  • What to Change / Stop Doing?
  • What to Say YES / NO To
  • Pivot – Financial Model Evaluates Which Way to Go
  • New Product/Service/Market
  • Collaborate with Your Team 

Business Tools

free veteran business class

Business Card Mastermind

  • Design a Killer Business Card
  • A Card You’re Proud to
    Hand Out
  • A Card That Sells Your Business
  • Get Some Cool Design Ideas
  • Some Things NOT To Do
  • Get Feedback From Others
  • Join Us for this 2 Hour Workshop $50
free veteran arm system

Elevator Pitch Mastermind

  • When You Get 30-60 Seconds to Introduce Your Business…
  • What to Say and How to Say It
  • Get Experience Presenting
  • Get Feedback From Others
  • Join Us for this 2 Hour Workshop $50
free veteran arm system

Employee Records

  • Easily Add & Update Thorough Records for Every Employee
  • Downloadable Windows App
  • Multi-User
  • Easily Customizable for Any Organization
  • Generates Reports and Documentation for Promotions, Raises, or for Warnings and Terminations
free veteran business software

Employee Handbook

  • 200+ Current HR Policies & Procedures
  • Before Things Really Get Out of Control,
    You Need Proper Documentation
  • Minimize Liabilities and Damages From Lawsuits
  • By State
  • Customizable
  • Works Just Like Office
  • Step x Step Instructions

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