The DFW Veterans Chamber provides its members with tools and resources for Personal Growth.


We believe in our military men, women and patriot supporters and we are dedicated to supporting them now as we all contribute to the betterment of our community
with a positive impact for a better world.

To Successfully Grow In Your Personal life,
You’d Want Tools & Training, Wouldn’t You?

Personal Growth Resources & Tools

free business black belt management book

Conscious Business

  • It’s in Business Black Belt
  • Your Business is Your Dojo
  • Learn From 40+ Years…
  • Ideas Implemented
  • Mistakes Made
  • Lessons Learned
  • 70+ Good, Bad, Bizarre…
  • Real-World Lessons…
  • All Worth Learning
  • FREE Paperback Copy
    Just $7 Shipping
Community Liaisons

Genius U

  • Your Genius
  • Purpose Test
  • Passion Test
  • Impact Test
  • Millionaire Master Plan 
  • Wealth Dynamics Profile
  • Talent Dynamics Profile
  • Finding your flow
free veteran values practices statement guide training tutorial

Business Core Values & Practices

  • The Bedrock for Decision-Making
  • Create Your Business Core Values:  3 weeks / 1hr sessions
  • Business KPI’s: 3 weeks / 1 hr sessions
  • Linked-in Top 5% profile course.
  • Business Impact Level courses
  • 10X Your Impact
free veteran life coaching

Balance Your Life

  • Personal KPI’s: 3 weeks / 1 hr sessions
  • Personal core values: 3 weeks-1hr sessions
  • Find your Ikigai course
  • Build Your Legacy
  • Journals
    • 369 Manifesting
    • Finding Your Peace
    • Meditation

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