One of the advantages of being involved with the DFW Veterans Chamber is our close association with Entrepreneurs Institute, aka GeniusU. Our Chamber President Cristie Remmel is a faculty member, mentor and partner with this organization of 2.7 million entrepreneurs. Their goal is to help you discover your passion, make new connections, and grow your business. As a GU partner, we have access to free assessments and resources that we’d like to share with not only with our Chamber members but with our greater business community. Help us grow our chamber by inviting Veteran and Patriot businesses to join us, the more the merrier!


Step TWO: Come back and get these links to start your journey!


The Genius Test is based on a 5,000-year-old Chinese system of thinking called the I-Ching, which helps you in your life and business – to follow your business cycle, your natural vision, and the type of business you will be most successful in. Take the simple Genius Test and discover your genius. Find your Natural way to learn, lead, live and love!

Which of the four are you?

What path should you follow in life? When you follow your natural genius, life becomes a joy. But if you focus on your weaknesses, everything becomes hard work. Take the free, one minute Genius Test, and discover your genius.


Once you know your purpose, your life does change forever. Your purpose defines everything you do – from getting out of bed every morning to whom you choose to work and spend your life with. By giving back to others through creating value, you not only grow and move further towards your own purpose, but you also inspire others to discover their own big “Why?” – By working through this microdegree, you will not only know your purpose, but you will also have clear steps to follow and to measure your purpose.

Shift from Profit to Purpose


Join hundreds of thousands of others who have discovered their passion with the Passion Test, based on the New York Times Bestseller by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood.
Take the test now and discover your Top 5 passions.You will also get access to GeniusU, with learning missions to grow your passions and connect them with your natural talents.


The brand new Impact Test allows you to discover your entrepreneur level – based on the Wealth Spectrum in Roger’s New York Times Bestselling book, the Millionaire Master Plan – together with your impact level – based on the Impact Test in Roger’s Entrepreneur Fast Track.
By understanding how these two levels link together, you can learn the best next step to take to grow your flow and your impact. The accompanying Microdegree is the first that combines both of these systems with the Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics tests.


Members must request a token in order to take the assessment, send us an email requesting your WD Profile token. Non members can take the assessment with a small fee of $97.00

The Talent Dynamics Microdegree

Learn to measure and grow your flow in your organization by understanding your own Talent Dynamics profile and those of your team members. Through Talent Dynamics, you learn more about your natural strengths and how you relate to others through the things you are naturally good at or not so good at.
With this degree you get a downloadable guide, as well as your Talent Dynamics test report once you have taken the test, an assessment about your current status of flow and many video tutorials that explain each of the eight profiles and how to grow your team flow and company flow.
Members must request a token in order to take the assessment, send us an email requesting your TD token. Non members can take the assessment with a small fee of $97.00


Roger is the creator of the Millionaire Master Plan test. He has been an entrepreneur all his life and – like other entrepreneurs – has found himself accidentally on different levels of the spectrum like a skier on a mountain with no signs, stumbling between green runs and black runs without warning. He has made a lot, and lost a lot. By the age of 30, the cost of his learning was up to $130 million. You could say he took the scenic route to wealth.
The Millionaire Master Plan test is the result of what happened in January 2009. In the same way that he created the Wealth Dynamics test for his own personal use before it became used globally, the Millionaire Master Plan test was born out of extreme conditions, and by using it himself over the last 18 months, he has designed a life and a global platform to create and contribute which puts his previous 40 years of efforts in the shade.
He has included his personal story in the Millionaire Master Plan report. It is written in the language of the spectrum. Once you know your own profile, and understand the nine levels, his story will be all the more powerful and relevant to your own personal path. He believes it will inspire you to expand your vision of what is possible.


This is the first microdegree we recommend you to take after you have completed all your assesments. Learn the steps of the Genius Spiral to set a personal path and achieve it. It includes a simple assessment of your internal values and will guide you through writing your 3 month vision. Set your goals on how you want to learn, live, earn and give. Gain an overview of the tools and resources available to you so that you can learn how to use your Genie and GeniusU to design your ideal life and business and connect to your new global mentor community.

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