There are people I know who say their life sucks.
Life is hard! They say people are so annoying.

Here is what I learned from personal experience and observation.
Your life is the sum of your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

If you have a bad attitude and always see life as hard and people are annoying, you are creating what you believe to be true.
There are people I have met whose life may be wrought with stress, adversity, and uncertainty due to illness, yet they have an amazing attitude often saying they’re “Blessed” and that they are doing great.

Despite their challenges they’re receiving the “Blessings” they believe in.
This is something we are seldom taught as children; your attitude determines the direction of your life and the results you receive.

We often react out of habit to people and the circumstances which are unpleasing. When you think about it after the fact, it wasn’t the person or circumstances which brought the anger, it was something else; The rude person who cut you off in traffic, the coworker blaming you for something you weren’t involved with.

Suppressing our initial anger is often the source of the delayed outburst. You direct it towards your spouse, your children, or some unsuspecting person.
Consider the times you interrupted someone who was engrossed in what they were doing. You asked a question, and their response came across abrupt or dismissive. From your perspective it was offensive. They on the other hand had not given you their full attention and didn’t put thought in their response

Turn that around when you were engrossed in working on a home project, your spouse asked a question, and your response offended them because of your lack of attention.
How do you change the outcome of these situations? By considering the circumstances from a distance. Look at the big picture. Were you intent on being dismissive when your spouse interrupted you? The chances are the response you received was not meant to come out as rude.

You have the choice on how you respond to people and circumstances you encounter. This is something I have had to change for myself.
How can a business exist by not giving its full attention for their clients?
Giving your full attention to your family, friends, coworkers, and the activities you encounter is essential to good mental health.
What are the things you are willing to do to change the results you are getting?