In all our lives comes a time when we feel we ought to make a will. Be it that we are at the end of the journey or that we’ve simply become aware of our mortality, making a will is an excellent way to ensure that things will be in order after we pass on. But, making a will can seem like a daunting task. You need to go through the trouble of outlying it and hire a lawyer to help you. Luckily, there is a more straightforward option. Here is how to make a will online free.

Make a will online free

We created our site solely to enable people to create free online wills. As we feel that making a will shouldn’t be a luxury but an essential commodity, we’ve made the process intuitive and straightforward. To clarify, we will use this article as an essential guide. If you go through it with due care, we are certain you will have no trouble creating your free online will. Please visit our FAQ page or contact us directly if you run into any trouble.

Basic details

When you set out to make a will online free you will first have to input your basic info. That includes your Full Name, your Prefered Name (optional), and your email address. Our system will recognize you according to these basic details for the rest of the process. So, make sure you get them right.

You must input your gender and birth date on the next screen. We use gender data to make demographic analytics and, hopefully, improve our services. Your birth date is an essential part of your legal data. In most states, you cannot make a free online will if you are not at least 21. That is also why providing an address of your permanent residence is essential, as different states have different laws regarding online wills. If you own property in the U.S. but don’t live here, we advise you to add the address where you have the most property. Providing your phone number is optional.

The next screen will require you to choose a marital status. That is a legal aspect and not a romantic one. So, even if you have lived with a significant other for years but don’t have official registration, you should consider yourself single for the will. You will also need to estimate the total value of your assets. That is solely to aid in outlining the necessary documents.


In the next section, you need to outline whether or not you have children. Adopted children do count.

After that, you need to specify whether you would like to include your pets in your will. Keep in mind that, from a legal standpoint, pets are seen as property. Therefore, you cannot bequeath any gifts to them. But, you can outline financial aid to a person who will care for your pet.


You can aid charity organizations, non-profit organizations, or social movements in the residuary section. If you feel that a particular organization is doing good for the world, and you wish to help them, this is where you can donate.

The next step is to choose who will be the primary beneficiaries of your residual estate. These individuals will be first in line to inherit your property once you are gone. For each individual (or organization), you will have to enter your full name. And the percentage of your residual estate that they stand to inherit. Remember that the residual estate remains after all the gifts, debts, taxes, and specific requests have been settled.

Once you finish, you will need to outline a second beneficiary. The beneficiary will inherit your residual estate if your first beneficiary does not survive you. Remember you should set a residuary beneficiary after you’ve listed the primary and secondary ones.

After you’ve entered the residuary distribution data, we will ask you to review it. As you can imagine, this data is essential, so you should read it thoroughly before proceeding.


The next section asks if you wish to leave gifts for specific individuals. If you don’t want to leave any gifts, you can skip the entire section by clicking on “Save & Continue.” If you do, you will have to outline what kind of property you wish to leave and to whom. We advise that you also consider transportation costs. While you can find expert help with any task and many top movers to choose from while moving in Washington, DC, you should consider transportation beforehand.


Seeing that you are outlining your will, it is only natural to outline your funeral requests. But, while your funeral executor will have access to these documents, know that they are not legally binding. You can choose where you will be buried and who will attend your funeral. You can even outline what the funeral service will be like in detail.


In this section, you will outline who will be the executor of your will. As the name suggests, your executor will ensure your will is executed. Therefore, we advise you to carefully consider who you will pick for yours. You can choose a lawyer as your executor, but this is unnecessary. People often choose an executor that is a trustworthy and responsible family member. If they stand to inherit a decent percentage of your property, they will likely take good care of it and ensure that your wishes are met. Nevertheless, you should talk with your executor candidates and ensure you pick the right one for the job.

We also give you the option of picking a digital executor. That person will take care of your digital assets if you have them. By default, the executor you choose is also your digital executor. But, if you wish, you can choose someone else.

Another option you can choose is the no-contest clause. That entails that if a person challenges your will, they inherit nothing.


What follows are straightforward answers to some basic questions and a final review. As such, we will assume that you’ve finished the process and managed to make a will online free. So, congrats! Again, contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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