Successful Business Practices for Modern Entrepreneurs

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. As we navigate through 2024, several innovative trends have emerged, transforming the business landscape. These trends not only shape how businesses operate but also redefine the way entrepreneurs think, act, and achieve success. Let’s explore some of the most impactful trends that are driving successful business practices today.

1. The Rise of Sustainable Business Models

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword; it’s a business imperative. Consumers are increasingly demanding eco-friendly products and transparent business practices. Entrepreneurs who incorporate sustainability into their business models are reaping significant rewards. This includes adopting green manufacturing processes, utilizing renewable energy sources, and ensuring ethical supply chains. Companies like Patagonia and Tesla have set the benchmark, showing that sustainable practices can lead to profitability and brand loyalty.

2. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are revolutionizing industries by streamlining operations and enhancing customer experiences. Entrepreneurs are harnessing these technologies to gain competitive advantages. AI-driven analytics provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, enabling businesses to personalize marketing strategies and improve customer engagement. Automation, on the other hand, is optimizing workflows, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. Startups leveraging AI for predictive analytics, chatbots, and automated customer service are setting new standards in customer satisfaction.

3. Remote Work and Flexible Workspaces

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work, and it’s clear this trend is here to stay. Entrepreneurs are increasingly recognizing the benefits of remote and hybrid work models, such as reduced overhead costs and access to a global talent pool. Companies like Zoom and Slack have thrived by providing essential tools for remote collaboration. Creating flexible work environments not only enhances productivity but also improves employee satisfaction, leading to better retention rates.

4. E-Commerce and Digital Transformation

The e-commerce boom shows no signs of slowing down. With more consumers preferring online shopping, businesses must adapt to this digital shift. Entrepreneurs are investing in robust e-commerce platforms and utilizing social media for targeted marketing. Additionally, integrating technologies like augmented reality (AR) can enhance the online shopping experience, giving consumers a tangible sense of products. Successful e-commerce entrepreneurs are those who continuously innovate and offer seamless, personalized shopping experiences.

5. Data-Driven Decision Making

Data is the new gold. Entrepreneurs who leverage data analytics are better positioned to make informed decisions and identify market opportunities. From understanding customer preferences to optimizing supply chains, data-driven strategies are crucial. Tools like Google Analytics, Tableau, and various CRM systems provide actionable insights that drive growth and efficiency. By adopting a data-centric approach, entrepreneurs can anticipate trends, mitigate risks, and outperform competitors.

6. Emphasis on Health and Well-Being

The well-being of employees has become a focal point for businesses. Entrepreneurs are increasingly prioritizing mental health initiatives, work-life balance, and wellness programs. This trend not only fosters a positive work culture but also boosts productivity and reduces turnover. Companies that invest in the health and well-being of their workforce are likely to see improved performance and higher employee satisfaction. Programs offering flexible hours, mental health support, and physical fitness opportunities are becoming standard practices.

7. Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Social media continues to be a powerful tool for brand building and customer engagement. Entrepreneurs are capitalizing on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn to reach their target audiences. Influencer marketing, in particular, has proven to be an effective strategy. Partnering with influencers allows businesses to leverage their followers and create authentic connections with potential customers. Entrepreneurs who skillfully navigate social media trends and build strong online presences are experiencing significant growth.


The entrepreneurial landscape is dynamic, with new trends constantly emerging. By embracing sustainable practices, leveraging AI and automation, adopting flexible work models, focusing on e-commerce, utilizing data-driven strategies, prioritizing health and well-being, and mastering social media marketing, entrepreneurs can ensure their businesses not only survive but thrive. Staying agile and innovative is the key to capitalizing on these trends and achieving long-term success in today’s competitive market.


On November 17, 2021, Lance Corporal Jordan Dedo received his discharge from the United States Marine Corps.   But instead of it being a time of anticipation and moving forward after his service in the Corps, it was the beginning of a new battle for LCpl Dedo.

Why? Because Jordan Dedo was discharged for refusing the COVID-19 vaccination.

As Veterans, we all can recall lining up, holding our breath, and getting shot with air guns filled with vaccines and God only knows what else.  It was a part of the program.  We were technically government property and we accepted that as part of our service.  However, there were medical and religious exemptions allowed and those recruits stood off to the side while the rest of us received the ‘secret sauce.’

Vaccine Ethics

Dr. Robert Malone, physician, and inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, warns that new data is now showing that the COVID vaccines are causing antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).  He also stated in an interview with The Epoch Times in January of 2022, “The masses formed around the idea that the vaccines are going to magically relieve them of this problem, which is infection of SARS Covid 2.  The Government is not allowing the true data on risk to be distributed.” Dr. Malone went on to state, “there is no licensed vaccine (for Covid-19) in the United States, it is all emergency use authorization (or EUA).”  This means that all COVID-19 vaccines are still in the experimental stage of research.

Nuremberg Code and Helsinki Accord says, you cannot mandate that someone accept an experimental medical product without full informed consent and willing acceptance of the risks and goes completely against Bioethics.

The Nuremberg Military Tribunal’s decision in the case of the United States v Karl Brandt et al. includes what is now called the Nuremberg Code, a ten-point statement delimiting permissible medical experimentation on human subjects. According to this statement, humane experimentation is justified only if its results benefit society and it is carried out in accord with basic principles that “satisfy moral, ethical, and legal concepts.”[i]

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion, and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.

According to the Helsinki Accord, adopted by the World Medical Association, items 7 & 8 are as follows:

  1. Medical research is subject to ethical standards that promote and ensure respect for all human subjects and protect their health and rights.
  2. While the primary purpose of medical research is to generate new knowledge, this goal can never take precedence over the rights and interests of individual research subjects.[ii]

Choose This Day…

Stationed at Camp Pendleton in the 1st Transportation Battalion, LCpl Dedo loved the Corps and adored his brothers and sisters. He honestly thought he might make a career in the Marine Corps.

All that changed last August when the Biden Administration issued the sweeping COVID-19 vaccine mandates within the DOD.

So why then did Jordan refuse the C-19 vaccine?  “It’s not about the vaccine, it’s about the forced mandate with something that is barely effective,” Jordan said.  LCpl Dedo did his research, and what he found gave him the courage to stand his ground, even if that meant being forcibly discharged from the Marine Corps.

The Lonely Road

With the wheels in motion, it started with a brief from the Battalion Commander issuing a verbal warning that the vaccine was required. Still standing his ground, he was then required to sign a page 11 and ‘non-Req’, a document that states a Marine would not be eligible for promotion.  Several days later, Jordan met with the Battalion Commander who issued a 6105, giving him 5 days to fix the discrepancies, if he and the others still refused the vaccine, administrative separation would begin immediately.

Some of the men had filed exemptions either for religious or medical reasons, but Jordan said, “in October a MarAdmin came down and it stated that no matter whether you claim a religious exemption or medical exemption, they were to be denied and the individual was to be administratively discharged via involuntary separation.”

Jordan stood strong in his convictions, but “It was a lonely journey, I was ostracized from my brothers,” he said.

As his discharged progressed, there was more punitive salt to be poured into this open wound… Jordan was ordered to turn in his uniforms.  All of them!  The uniforms that he not only bought and paid for, but more importantly, the uniforms he earned as a Marine!

Jordan contacted a JAG Lawyer and they had spoken to MLG (Marine Logistic Group), MLG said do not turn in any of your uniforms, and yet the next day, MLG sent down order that yes, in fact all uniforms must be turned in.

The final nail in the coffin came on November 17th, when Jordan was told he would receive a General Discharge under Honorable conditions, and yet the separation code on his DD-214 is designated as JKQ1 or Misconduct under the auspice of Commission of a Serious offense. He is disqualified from ever serving in the Military again and the cherry on top, they took away his GI Bill and all the money he had paid into it during his service in the Corps.

All of this punitive damage to an otherwise exemplary Marine for simply for not wanting to be coerced into taking an experimental vaccine?  What in the hell is really going on?

Adapt & Overcome

LCpl Jordan Dedo may be down, but he is certainly not out.  As all Marines know, it’s time to adapt and overcome, and that is exactly what he is doing.  Jordan has made it his mission to speak out about what is really going on within our Military.

“The woke influence in the Marine Corps is demoralizing our most intense fighting force, we are setting up our young Marines to be victims of the brutality of our enemies by coddling them.  I have watched guys get NJP’d just for a damn fist fight.  I had superiors above me who are hard charging, but the ones sending down the orders, they are killing the Corps,” Jordan said…

Meanwhile, a case brought to Federal Court by 26 Navy Seals received a ‘stay’ in January 2022.

“The Navy service members in this case seek to vindicate the very freedoms they have sacrificed so much to protect,” U.S. Judge Reed O’Connor, a George W. Bush nominee, said in his order (pdf) on Monday. “The COVID-19 pandemic provides the government no license to abrogate those freedoms. There is no COVID-19 exception to the First Amendment. There is no military exclusion from our Constitution.”[iii]

*This story was first published in the SPRING 2022 issue of ©AT EASE! Veterans Magazine. All Rights Reserved.

[i] – “Permissible Medical Experiments.” Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals under Control Council Law No. 10. Nuremberg October 1946 – April 1949, Washington. U.S. Government Printing Office (n.d.), vol. 2., pp. 181-182.






The National weather service issued a Tornado warning at 9:26 pm for Graves County, Kentucky.  Within the county was the little town of Mayfield that would soon suffer a direct hit from the mammoth EF-4 wedge tornado. It destroyed their historic Main Street, killing 22 people and severely injuring hundreds more. All this taking place on an unseasonably warm late Friday evening, December 10th, 2021.

The American Legion Post 26, located in the heart of Downtown Mayfield, suffered extensive and non-repairable damage.  Built in 1923, the building housed the Legion meeting rooms on the ground floor, a basketball court and theater on the second floor and the theaters balcony on the 3rd floor. For over 90 years, this American Legion was home to generations of Veterans from WWI to Post 9/11 Veterans and their families.

In speaking with Commander Wendell Guge, 3 days after the tornado, he was still trying to get his bearings in a town where he had grown up. “I don’t recognize anything, everything is gone.” And while he had yet to process the loss of their Post’s historic building, Wendall was much more concerned for the people of Mayfield, finding the missing, and using Post resources to help feed and clothe those who had lost everything.

When standing in the Post’s 100-seat theater looking out through the open space where it once was occupied by the indoor movie screen, “The destruction was just overwhelming,” commented Commander Guge.  But then his attention turned from the material to the human destruction both in injury and loss. So many were displaced and needed immediate help. His employer, a local Ford dealership, offered their warehouse to stage supplies needed for the recovery effort and it quickly became a distribution site for the Post. Supplies poured in from near and far with at least 25 states participating and the warehouse was quickly overwhelmed with aid. Many of the sister American Legion Posts around the neighboring states also sent trailer loads of supplies.

Since the Post’s historic building is no longer safe or suitable as a meeting place, the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), DAV (Disabled American Veterans), and the American Legion’s 149 members all temporarily share space at the DAV’s building. Commander Guge said, “The current Post’s building is scheduled to be leveled and the Post will not rebuild on that site.” Instead, they are planning on a new building that will be designed to better suit their needs. One of the Post’s goals is to also build efficiency apartments to temporarily house veterans and their families. “It has always been a goal of the Post’s to help provide housing, and now that just may have to become a reality soon,” Guge said.

“In the current environment, there is a lack of building raw materials, supplies, and manpower,” Commander Guge commented. The priorities for Mayfield are to repair and rebuild the homes and business lost. Therefore, rebuilding the American Legion Post is at the bottom of the priority list and he doesn’t know when they will rebuild. In all the destruction and loss, the one thing for him that did stand out was how the town came together without anyone being asked to help, they just did! Hope and the human spirit are alive and well…and Mayfield Kentucky is thankful for that!

*This story was first published in the SUMMER 2022 issue of ©AT EASE! Veterans Magazine. All Rights Reserved.


In October of 2010, I decided to attend the Air Show with my family. It was a beautiful, clear day as we entered the gates. Immediately to our right, a large stage was set up and a singer dressed in 1940’s vintage regalia was belting out a popular tune of the era.

Very close to the stage was a booth of Tuskegee Airmen. My heart jumped! I definitely had to go shake their hands. I had watched the movie that came out in 1995 and was so moved by their story. And while the movie didn’t portray any one specific person, I absolutely wanted to meet the real heroes.

Unfortunately, the booth was packed with people, so I made a mental note to circle back around before the air show later that afternoon. After touring the different planes on the field, I started walking toward the Tuskegee Airmen booth. I arrived and there were just two of the five elderly Pilots sitting in the afternoon shade.

Not dissuaded, I walked up and smiled, held out my hand, and probably gushed a little too much about what an honor it was to meet them. To my amazement, they offered me a chair, and I took the opportunity to sit and chat with them.

Our conversation turned towards the rising temperature, the planes, how much they enjoyed coming to air shows, and finally, I broached the subject of their service. I looked at each of them thinking about their service to our country, which at the time, was not kind to them. It wasn’t enough to thank them for their service.

Teary-eyed, I thanked them for persevering through the bullshit and helping to save the lives of hundreds of servicemen. Then one of them asked me, “Did you serve?” Oh boy! I think the salty sailor in me came out, and this opportunity wasn’t supposed to be about me at all

They asked me questions about my service, and one was quick to tell the other that he knew he should have made that bet. “Bet?” I asked, “Yes, you still have your military bearing.” We chuckled, and at that moment, planes began taking off for the air show. “Thank you, young lady, you made our day today.” I shook each of their hands again and told them, “It was such an honor to meet you both!”

To my dismay, I do not remember their names. I suppose too many years have passed. But I will never forget my 15-minutes of being in the presence of Legends!

*This story was first published in the Spring 2021 issue of ©AT EASE! Veterans Magazine. All Rights Reserved.