Starting a business at any point in life is a challenge. Like any challenge, it is completed by sheer force of will, patience, and knowledge. However, that’s only the beginning, as your little enterprise also needs to grow. To help it do so, you need to learn about promoting your small business locally and how it works in your favor.

What is local marketing?

Local marketing promotes your product or services to an audience in the vicinity of your business. Generally, the term local is relative; it may be a town, a part of a city, or a whole region. The size of the area around your store you will focus on for promotion depends on how convenient it is for your customers to reach you. And this is how you start, by focusing on your community and their needs. So, what does promoting your small business locally involve?

  • Join your local community online.
  • Organize giveaways and contests.
  • Promote vouchers and discounts.
  • Team up with other businesses in cross-promotion.
  • Donate to a local charity.
  • Place your company logo on vehicles.
  • Support a local team or sponsor an event.

7 Tips for Promoting Your Small Business Locally

Here are 7 tips for promoting your small business locally.

1. Become a member of a local group

Since the dawn of time, people have joined groups hoping for helpful advice and support. Your business needs them, too. Depending on the audience you’re catering to, you will find different groups in different online and offline locations. You may join a local business directory or a local group on social media. Either way, present yourself and your business to the members. Count on new partnerships and relationships with established local businesses with this kind of exposure.

2. Run a contest on social media

To make your business better known, you need to reach out to your community and give away a batch of your products or offer services free of charge. Although limited in amount and duration, giveaways and contests are perfect opportunities to present yourself, initiate word-of-mouth marketing, and get positive online feedback from satisfied consumers. Furthermore, it might even spur your local community to positive action, depending on the contest task you set.

7 Tips for Promoting Your Small Business Locally

3. Offer a local best-deal

Encourage your customers to shop with you or use your services simply by offering discounts. After all, who doesn’t want to save a little these days? It is a perfectly legit way to attract the attention of your local buyers and stimulate new ones to try your brand. How to make sure you attract local customers? Use a local hashtag or your city name in the ad to reach the intended audience. How to make sure you have enough customers? Consider commercial relocation within Dallas to a location with more traffic. An easy transfer to a new area combined with the right marketing strategy will do wonders for your small business.

4. Collaborate with other local businesses in cross-advertising

Many other small businesses in your area have the same problem as you: how to attract customers. If you apply the right cross-promotion strategy and join forces, the result is double exposure. Multiply that by the number of cross-marketing partners. The idea is to advertise your business on their premises, as long as they aren’t direct competitors and share your customer base. If you remember the piece of advice from the start, you will find your partners in local business listings or social media groups.

5. Support a local charity with your products or services

Instead of donating money, donate products or offer your services to a local charity you feel strongly about. This kind of support is doubly rewarding. Aside from the satisfaction of giving back to the community, it provides you with the opportunity to advertise your small business. Furthermore, a local charity might be happy to support you back with as little (or as much) as mentioning your business on their website or social media pages. If it doesn’t go against your beliefs, promote contribution to charity on your own media outlets.

7 Tips for Promoting Your Small Business Locally

6. Move around!

Placing your logo on your commercial vehicle is one thing; putting the logo on a public transport vehicle is another ball game. If you live in a large city, start promoting your small business locally by advertising on a vehicle that cruises your area. It is a foolproof way to expose your brand to locals and attract curious customers.

7. Sponsor a team or activity

Sponsoring a local team or funding and joining a local event will do wonders for the visibility of your small business. As a result, your logo or business name will find its place on t-shirts, websites, printed media, social media outlets, or local TV/radio stations. Sponsoring will not only promote your company but will reveal your beliefs and good intentions to your audience. Add to that new loyal customers from the ranks of those you supported.

A couple of bonus tips

Being a small business often implies that you can’t allocate a high budget for self-promotion. Although most of the above-mentioned tips do not require a significant investment, a few more cost-effective suggestions are worth mentioning. Consider partnering with another local business and showcasing your product and/or service on their premises. If you don’t have a physical store, being seen in a brick-and-mortar shop will get you closer to your customers. Your partner will benefit from more foot traffic in their store and added value you bring.

7 Tips for Promoting Your Small Business Locally

If you don’t have a website, create it. Web hosting is inexpensive to establish your online presence and improve on it through local SEO and simple yet effective marketing campaigns. Be the one who creates specialized content for your community and customers by making and posting local photos or videos. Above all, who knows better about your product or service and area than yourself? If you have a store, place a QR code to your homepage on the front so passersby can scan it, visit your website, and shop with you online, even if you’re closed.

After all, this being said, it seems clear that promoting your small business locally is just warming up for the big league.