Barbara LeCesne

As a Strategic Partnerships Manager for Western Governors University Texas (WGU TX), my role is to expand the awareness of WGU and to create opportunities for collaboration with corporations, governmental entities, school districts, and community-based organizations. More than 300 companies rely on WGU for employee education. WGU’s mission is to make high quality, career based education, affordable and attainable for all. Proudly nonprofit, WGU serves the underserved. We offer more than 60+ career-aligned bachelor and master level degrees in Business, IT, Healthcare, and Education. Our innovative education model, improves access to higher education and acceleratesinnovations in learning on behalf of our students.

My career includes creating comprehensive solutions and innovative approaches to growth and expansion for corporations and educational institutions. Education is transformational and a stepping-stone to unlocking economic value for individuals and companies, I am passionate about addressing equity gaps in higher education. I have been responsible for developing, growing, and retaining strategic, long term partnerships with new and existing clients throughout the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

I am a performance driven solution provider with a consistent history of success in marketing and branding, consulting, new business development, and leadership. An inner compass of excellence and agility, I am self-motivated and focused on deepening client relationships by serving as an inter-professional collaborator. I am fascinated by transformation of any kind – personal or business and devoted to supporting a sustainable planet.”


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