X = Goal

There are thousands to millions of people who wish to increase their income.
They have in their mind a specific dollar amount and imagine what they would do with the money.
The problem is they don’t know how to get to their goal.
If they knew how, they would already be there.

They habitually pass up opportunities which could help them achieve their goal. Why? They submitted to fear and the lie, “they are not good enough.”
Their alibis are:
I don’t have time.
It sounds too good to be true.
My spouse wouldn’t approve.
I have a family.
I must pay bills.

These are the reasons they use to avoid pursuing their goals.
Essentially, they failed to solve for “x”.
Going after something you have never done before will cause fear. You are going outside of your comfort zone. You should enjoy being uncomfortable as this is where the growth occurs.Your income will grow when you step out of your comfort zone.