Muscle is developed through repetition and committed effort.
The more you exercise the stronger your muscles become.
Imagine your habits as your muscles. The more you practice the habits the stronger they become good or bad.
They become so strong that you don’t even have to think about what you do or when you do it.

What habits do you have which you want to overcome and replace?
* Procrastination
* Reacting out of anger
* Hitting the snooze button
* Lack of exercise
* Binge watching television programs
* Mismanaging your finances

We all live according to our habits good or bad. The only way to change them is
by making a committed decision to do so. Indecision and excuses are habits as well.

The habit of worrying. 92% of the things people worry about are unimportant and unnecessary.
There are two types of problems we face day to day.

  1. Problems we can solve
  2. Problems that are beyond our ability to control.

To breakdown the percentage of worries;
Petty miscellaneous worries 10%
Needless worries about our health 12%
Things that never happen 40%
Things over and past that can never be changed by all the worrying in the world 30%
8% of our worries are legitimate and within our ability to control.

I heard of a couple of stories where people have worried themselves to an untimely death.

There is a story an individual told me a few years ago about how they experienced stress blindness. It was a term I never heard before. As they explained it there are several things which made sense. You hear about muscle tension, peptic ulcers, and boils. These are just a few ailments which are brought on through stress and excessive worry.

Managing your stress levels by prioritizing your activities improves your overall health and strengthens your immune system.

Article by Michael Chavez