The American Veterans Chamber of Commerce (AMVCC) Headquarters is committed to enhancing the lives of active duty, transitioning military, and Veterans through business, employment, and education around the globe through local, national and international chambers. The American Veterans Chamber of Commerce strives to unify the global professional Veteran community, advocating for Veterans and Veteran business owners, and encouraging collaboration with the valuable support provided by Veteran service organizations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, patriot supporters, patriot businesses, and corporate partners that share our goals.


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Join the DFW Veterans Chamber of Commerce

Our Mission

The DFW Veterans Chamber of Commerce supports the growth and development of veteran owned and patriot businesses through collaboration, advocacy and education in the DFW metroplex to achieve their own economic success and build a better community.

We invite Veterans, Veteran owned businesses, Patriot owned businesses, Veteran Organizations, Nonprofits, Government agencies and local Corporate Sponsors to join us.

Our Vision

The DFW Veterans Chamber of Commerce to be recognized as the destination for veteran owned business, community collaboration, and business growth.

Our Core Values

Leadership, Honor, Integrity and Service

Our Office

Dallas, Texas

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

All Reserved: Dallas USVCC 2020