Interested in Equine Therapy? Or maybe you just love horses? Then you don’t want to miss this YouTube Podcast because The Veterans Ranch is dedicated to helping Veterans heal through equine therapy.

In this episode, Talk Show Host Stuart Sax interviews J.R. Smith, the Vice President/COO of The Veterans Ranch about how they help Veterans.

J.R. has always had a love for horses and Veterans. His Father, Uncle, Grandfather, are all Veterans. J.R. also had a lot of friends that went to the first Gulf War right out of high school in 1991. Hence, J.R. has a strong appreciation for the sacrifices that are made to protect our freedoms.  This is why The Veterans Ranch was founded in 2017 so Veterans and their families can get the assistance that they need, and lay down that heavy coat of burden and walk forward as a new and improved version of themselves.  J.R. calls horses God’s majestic animals. J.R. says, “They can feel a gnat land on their back, so they know everything about you from two feet away.  They are just amazing.”

Interested in sponsoring a Veteran to experience the healing process of Equine Therapy? The Veterans Ranch accepts donations on their website. Your donation goes a long way towards purchasing more:

  • Horses
  • Saddles
  • Bridles
  • Halters
  • Lead Ropes
  • Feed and Hay
  • Hiring more Veterans

We also thank Veteran Stuart Sax, talk show host, for frequently highlighting and promoting Veteran issues on his YouTube Podcasts. Check out his shows:

  • “Someone You Should Know’
  • “Something to Talk About”
  • “Trash Talk”
  • “Opposite Saxes”

Visit The Veterans Ranch website to find out more details. Follow Stuart Sax on YouTube or listen to his podcasts.

At the DFW Veterans Chamber, we love when our chamber members collaborate! You can find both Stuart and JR on our Business Directory.