Christine is a life long patriot. Her grandfather served in the Marines, her uncle served in the Army, and her youngest son is currently serving in the Air Force. Her family even has discharge papers for a great grandpappy that was a Civil War veteran.

 Well known for her positive energy, Christine’s enthusiasm is often contagious. She likes to say that she spreads sunshine wherever she goes. Helping others is truly what motivates her and brings joy to her servant’s heart.

Christine focuses on connecting people to who they want to know, hence the title Networking Diva. She helps people develop relationships with their family, friends, and colleagues She connects professionals to employment opportunities and recruiters. She connects business owners to synergy partners, referral partners, and to their potential clients. And whenever she meets a veteran, she tries to connect them to as many veteran resources as possible.

Christine founded and runs DFW Networking Diva, a marketing and communications agency. As an expert strategist, Christine helps her clients with networking, marketing, and sales. She offers coaching sessions for clients who want to learn how to do it on their own. She also creates and executes marketing plans for small business owners that want to outsource their marketing to specialists.

There’s nothing Christine enjoys more than offering marketing consultations to small business owners. She loves to see small businesses thrive!

A graduate from California State University, East Bay with a degree in Speech Communication, Christine taught college courses on topics such as interpersonal communication, conflict management, intercultural communication, gender communication, resume building, interviewing skills, and business presentations. She also taught public speaking and coached an award winning speech and debate team. An experienced public speaker with awards in Persuasive Speaking and Speech to Entertain, Christine is available for speaking engagements.

Having successfully raised her children, Christine now resides in Frisco, Texas with her cockapoo Teddy Bear.

“In the end, it’s all about relationships so be a blessing to others, communicate from the heart, and give grace. Everyone wants to feel acknowledged, accepted and loved” ~Christine

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